Fun With Character ED
Geared for grades K- 6 it is a jam-packed 45 minute program that explores the qualities and traits of Character Education, including: Honesty, Teamwork, Courage, Humor, Good Manners, Motivation and many more. Students sing, laugh, and clap their way to a better understanding of these valuable qualities that can enrich not only their lives but of those around them.

About the Show

The importance of Character Education continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Now Steve Hennessy has created “Fun With Character ED” as a way to explore the qualities of Character Education, in a fun, musical and interactive program that enhances what is taught in school. What better way to convey the qualities of Character Education than with music and participation! An in-school assembly program that captures the best in a curriculum-based education program.

The songs have great melodies, dynamic lyrics and upbeat messages that makes this program unique. All this is delivered in different musical styles.

So jump right in and begin your journey to a better you! And remember Character ED can’t wait to visit your school or festival.


Video coming soon!