-pnfWHMNO_OmgzoR6XoMd-74g9tRCSy0E6FCWIwpT4oSteve Hennessy is an entertainer of international experience and an award winning songwriter.
As a parent and former school board member he is keenly aware of the need to supplement the subjects taught in school with material that is innovative and fun.

fRxRxDsr00AqOGHiPM_pNI4tmVlT8LJApwsiZRcnryE With that in mind, Steve first developed Dr. Planet Рa combination of musical culture and curriculum-based information on the solar system.
It was an instant success with critical acclaim from parents, teachers and most of all children.

“Dr. Planet” captured the children’s imagination with cleaver lyrics, catchy songs that combined useful information with having fun. Music is a common denominator that can be used to convey subject material as well as the pure enjoyment derived from listening and participating.

N_XUaELO9kV9dXJdhFTQu1eD9V9DqMDEuvEhRQxZQRESteve has now applied that same ingenuity to his newest program “Fun With Character Ed.” A musical, interactive curriculum-based program that explores the qualities and traits of Character Education. With the emergence of Character Education programs across the country Steve has written a program that enhances what is taught in schools and in other “Character Counts” programs. Here children can sing-along while learning about honesty, motivation, courage, teamwork and more.

As a world traveled and now, interplanetary musician Steve has found the response to music is the same everywhere, creating an impact that has no bounds or limitations. Music presented in a variety of styles and forms also enhances the discovery of the art itself. Combined with curriculum based subject matter makes it all the more special. Steve lives with his wife and family at his home nestled in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and continues to travel the globe bringing his unique programs to children and their families.